Weaver | Birth

January 18, 2023


Sometimes you meet a family, and just click. That’s how it was when we met this precious family at their maternity session at their farm. This baby would make FIVE and be such an adorable addition to their already incredible kids! We spent the night chasing the sunlight, cows, and their oldest daughter showing us how to work her Polaroid camera. They were excited and nervous about her upcoming home birth with our midwife, Heather, with Genesis Midwifery, mostly because she was known for hour long births. They were worried the baby would be born before anyone could even get there to help her deliver it or document it! Thankfully, when the time came, we were READY!

We got to their home, and the midwife was already there setting up everything. The tub was filling with hot water, and the kids started waking up out of their bed to watch the happenings. Everyone was so excited!! The momma was bouncing on her birth ball and chatting with us all and laughing in between contractions. You would never know she was in active labor! When the surges would hit, Dad would squeeze her hips and help her anyway she needed.

She finally was able to get into the tub and you could tell things started picking up speed. She became more vocal and out of it between contractions. Not long after getting into the tub, we heard her say “She’s coming!” Heather bolted into action, and ran around the tub to help catch the baby. She came out before they could even get her bathing suit bottoms all the way off! She was here! Mom was so happy to hold her fifth little one, and have her out. By the time we got there and the baby was out, it was a total of 47 minutes! SO QUICK!

She moved out of the tub and into the bed to be assessed and make sure the baby was doing okay. Of course both of them were perfect. Dad wiped off her legs and feet, and stared at his newest little baby in momma’s arms. The midwives scurried around watching momma and baby, and cleaning up the space. Mom and baby soaked in all the skin to skin time until the cord was fully white, and then Dad cut the cord. The whole night was so special. A night we will never forget.

Scroll to see her birth video, and the favorite photos from the birth! Congrats, Weaver family!



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