Much Love for Magdalena!

September 2020

I was introduced to this businesswoman through her husband whom we do real estate photography for. He told me that his wife owned a bakery and I couldn’t help but come see her office on wheels! Alba owns “Magdalena”…an artisan baked goods shop on wheels parked at the Staunton Patio on Baldwin St. This place is the PERFECT place to soak in some sunshine, eat a gorgeous AND scrumpdiliumptious baked good, get caught up on emails, and see all the beautiful flowers that Alba has planted to bring some color to her courtyard.

Not only is this place special, but Alba just makes it special! Her smile LIGHTS UP the whole room, and you can just tell she has a devotion and love for what she does. Make sure to check it out if you are ever in Downtown Staunton!

Contact Alba HERE!


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