Lettie | One

March, 2022

Oh, how we love this little girl. We met her mom and dad at their maternity session over a year ago at the Star Trail in Fishersville, Virginia. They brought their puppy to be incorporated into the photos (the original baby!) and little did that pup know that she was very soon about to be replaced as the “favorite kid”! The light was gorgeous and the couple was actually glowing. Their perfect little girl was about to arrive!

A little while later, we got to meet little Lettie at her studio session when she was just days old. She was a perfect little model, and let us move her all around. She was even better at the lifestyle in-home session when she got snuggled the whole time and carried all around. It might have been the first time she ever laid in her crib.

A little while later, we got to see Lettie again when we did a milestone session in their kitchen sink. She was very pre-occupied with eating all the lemons and giggling at the pup trying to jump up and see what was going on. At this point, she was a complete mommy’s girl!

A few short months later, we got to see Lettie at the Bridgewater skating rink where she tested out her legs on the ice. She even walked with the ice skating walker and was passing her mom and dad on the rink. She wasn’t too interested in her cake, and did NOT like her hands being dirty. She had eyes for daddy and wanted to follow him everywhere he went.

Overall, we just felt like we needed to show a little piece of someone’s story. We have the absolute honor of seeing these couple grow together and sometimes it is cool to slow down and look back on all the fun times we have had together, and watch these little ones GROW right before our eyes. We have no idea how it happens so quick, but we are so thankful we get to be a part of it.

Scroll down to see some of our favorite photos from Lettie’s one year old session as well as her session video. We can’t wait to be along for all the upcoming birthdays!

With love,

Millpond Team



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