Cyrus Ridge Farm

June 2021

We had so much fun hanging out with the Yoder family at Cyrus Ridge Farm learning about what makes them special. The Yoders own this small farm in Waynesboro, VA with an emphasis in the sale of hand raised scottish highland cattle and great pyrenees dogs. Every animal that gets to live on this farm is raised to be either a pet cow or a livestock guardian pup for a farm, and every animal gets extra love! We enjoyed spending time with this incredible family, and are so thankful to call them friends. Check out a few favorite photos from their promotional session, as well as the video about them!

Words from the owners, Ben and Melanie Yoder:

“We spent many months, before, and after we got married, praying for God to direct us where he wanted us, and show us HIS vision for our lives. Sometimes it’s what we want, and sometimes it’s not. All I know is when he answers it can take a lot of courage to follow. This year Ben sold his auction company to be a full-time farmer. He had grown up on a farm, but was in the auction business for 20 years, and ran his own company for approximately 10 years. He left the hustle and bustle of a busy corporate life, with a steady, fairly predictable, income to live a much more simple life, with no predictable income. Some would say we are crazy to do such a thing with 6 small children. It’s moments like this that would have me say we are so blessed. He can take a child that is struggling with his place in life, who he is, big emotions, and growing up, and go out into the field and invest his time in him. Remind him he is God’s child and that IS his identity. Show him he is capable, and worthy, and how fulfilling it is to take care of the herd and flock. Let him breathe and feel the beauty of God’s land. Proverbs 22:6 “Train up a child in the way he should go, And when he is old he will not depart from it.” This is part of our calling. We have lots of hopes, dreams, wishes and desires here at Cyrus Ridge Farm. We hope to give children, adults, and families the opportunity to raise farm animals on any size farm, so they too can experience all the wonderful blessings a farm has to offer. We are unsure of where this business will take us, but we are sure that right now we are thankful for this calling, and we are anxious to see what is in store for our family, and everyone we meet! Thank you.”



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