Behind the Scenes at LTD7!

November 2020

It’s that time of year where we are getting ready for Christmas shopping, stocking stuffers, and making plans for the famous “Black Friday”…with that in mind, we met with our friends at LTD7 in Staunton, VA to prepare for the Christmas season with a promotional video to encourage people to shop locally. While Jonathan worked with the team to film the video, I was hanging out, taking behind the scenes photos, and playing with the owner, Christina’s, sweet baby girl. It is these sweet little moments of the baby crawling around on the floor, pricing new items on the shelves, and organizing their new products that you really can see the heart of that little store. You can see their passion for their business, and their love for each other as a team.

We feel so honored to know and work with this little crew. It is amazing who the Lord brings into your path at just the right time, and when you didn’t even expect it! Check out their promotional video below with other local stores highlighted, and the behind the scenes photos.



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